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Bueno Opto’s AR HUD not only integrates navigation, communication and Internet of Vehicles,
Adopting a new optical invention - side-lit light path, to replace the traditional front-lit light path projection in the front-end market, the product size is greatly reduced and the real-life projection effect is clearer.

Product core competitiveness

  • The world’s first rear-mounted AR head-up display

  • Direct projection on the windshield, zero focal length parallax, integrated with the real road surface

  • Different from the front-mounted optical path design, the size of the optical box is greatly reduced.

  • Integrate navigation and communication systems, focus on driving, and comprehensively improve safety

Team R&D energy 

Optical design


Institutional design 


Heat flow analysis

hud institutional design
  • Plane mirror assembly/Used to reflect imaging light to make the imaging distance longer

  • Curved mirror components/Enlarge the image to correct the amount of deformation

  • steering motor system/ used to adjust image height

  • lower shell/ Fixed internal structure and heat dissipation 

  • upper cover/ Used for waterproofing and dustproofing, blocking internal parts and direct light exposure to eyes

  • Optical film group/ Block astigmatism

  • Backlight assembly/ Provide imaging light source

Mold development

 Currently developed projects

【RAV4 model】 

➤  Thin and light car system, streamlined design integrated with the car dashboard to create a visual sense of front-mounted products.

➤  Integrate navigation, communication and voice equipment, and use AR technology to project vehicle information directly into the driver's front view, integrating it with the real scene on the road.

➤  The HUD is coupled with a stepper motor to rotate the optical element to move the EYEBOX, so that drivers of different heights can clearly see the complete image.

➤  The image screen uses the ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the image brightness to avoid dazzling the driver at night.


▲Currently mass-produced models


[Taiwan after-sales brand Dartrays】 

▐ The first Windshield AR-HUD in the aftermarketDartRays

▐ Highly popular navigation software with over 1 million downloads Navier HUD

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