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  • 生成正負離子快速有效,2秒可快速去活性化。

  • 徹底將病毒/細菌去活性化。

  • 壽命長,低耗能,省電。

  • 安全,無異味/毒性產生。

  • 等離子(正負離子) 去除甲醛 、消除異味,淨化二手菸的懸浮微粒。

​Product introduction

The principle of air purification is to generate positive and negative ions through cutting-edge discharge, which can generate a sufficient concentration of ions with only a very small amount of ozone and by-products in the process. It is also the safest and only permitted form of air ionization on passenger aircraft.

By applying high-energy electrons to the specially designed carbon fiber ion generator, a large amount of free radicals, positive and negative ions can be quickly generated. Free radicals combine with particles on pathogens and destroy the structure through electrostatic stress and adsorption detachment, resulting in loss of function. The large amount of electrons and charged ions generated will, after colliding with suspended matter such as toxic substances and dust in the air, attract surrounding particles (including pathogens), increase their accumulation, and finally be captured by the filter or settle to the ground to achieve purification. Effect.

Product Specifications

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